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The DSI Difference

Don focuses on forging long-term relationships with his clients that can span decades. He works hard at building trust by being patient, insightful and authentically caring about his clients’ interests.

He asks meaningful questions and listens carefully to his clients’ answers. This helps Don gain a deep understanding of what is important to them and acts as a catalyst to get the process started. From there, a master estate plan begins to develop.

An important foundation for many high net worth individuals is the role life insurance can play in their estate plans. For over 40 years, Don has specialized in implementing custom designed life insurance solutions, often with the assistance of the client’s lawyer, accountant or CFO.

Properly structured, life insurance can not only provide the necessary estate liquidity on a tax-free basis, it can also be done in a way that reduces the estate tax payable and enhances the client’s charitable and family legacies. DSI often uses insurance products that build cash on the clients’ balance sheet to minimize the net cost of insurance.

Don and his team provide a high level of personalized service to ensure the client’s insurance and estate plans are up to date with their changing family and business circumstances and, of course, the changing tax policies of the Federal Government.

Don firmly believes in the importance of this work and looks forward to delivering on client’s insurance and estate plans in the years ahead.


Our Philosophy

Privacy, integrity and service underpin our work at DSI Estate Planning Inc. We believe that building and respecting relationships is the key to success with our clients and we complement this with expertise, creative thinking and effective execution.

Our Track Record

Over the past 15 years, DSI has placed in excess of $1 Billion of life insurance coverage and has delivered over $50 Million in claims. These dollars have made a significant difference in the families, estates and businesses Don has worked with over the years.

Our Personalized Approach

Our approach is inclusive, patient and always confidential. We honor our relationships and most frequently clients come to us through confident referrals.

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