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Family Enterprise Advisory

Don Smith, of DSI Estate Planning in Calgary, and Jeremy Reinbolt, of Videre Financiers in Vancouver, have established a collaborative working relationship to assist one another on unique insurance and family business situations. The collaboration will also enhance and broaden the advice, service and product offering they provide to their respective Wealth Holder and Private Family Enterprise clients.

Don brings decades of experience and a concentrated, in-depth knowledge of life insurance and estate planning including:

  • How to minimize the impact of tax on substantial estates;
  • Design and funding of Unanimous Shareholder Agreements (USAs) for Family Enterprises, to maximize their effectiveness for the business, shareholders and families involved; and,
  • Preservation of Capital using Living Trusts and Testamentary Trusts.

Jeremy brings a broad base of technical knowledge of financial planning including:

  • Integrated financial, tax and insurance planning;
  • The restructuring of existing life insurance plans to align with the family‚Äôs objectives;
  • Asset allocation, portfolio management and risk management; and,
  • Expertise in intergenerational wealth transfer planning, involving multiple generations of a family enterprise, and working with the next generation(s) to be prepared for the transition.

Don and Jeremy are both deeply relationship-driven. They work with integrity and passion to achieve the very best outcome for their clients over the long term and are excited about the benefits their working relationship will bring to their clients.